Artists' Alley

Artists' Alley is the companion to the Dealers' Den. It's a place for artists to gather, show off their work, offer prints, or trade/sell commissions or other handcrafted arts.

Sign Up

Interested artists may sign up at the Dealers' Den between 9:00AM - 10:45AM (FRI/SAT/SUN) for a chance to be selected via a lottery that will occur when sign-up closes. Artists must be present during the lottery - a roll call will be taken. If selected, the artist must pay a nonrefundable $20 for use of the Artists' Alley. The artist will be permitted to use the space assigned only for that day and agrees to follow the rules and policies for the Artists' Alley as outlined below.


Artists will be assigned one chair and half a table (Approx. 3ft) of non-transferable space. Eight spaces are expected to be available for the lottery at the beginning of each convention day. If a space becomes available during hours of operation, then it may be purchased from the Dealers’ Den staff for a nonrefundable $20 - there are no discounts on remaining time. No one may utilize Artists' Alley space unless it has been assigned by the Dealers' Den staff. Anyone improperly using Artists' Alley space will be asked to leave immediately.


All merchandise must be created by or in part by the artist. Any content displayed or sold may not exceed a PG-13 rating.


Artists must actively sell at all times. If an artist would like to leave the Artists' Alley early, then the artist should notify the Dealers' Den staff. If an artist is no longer accepting orders or making sales, then the artist will be asked to leave and forfeit the space. If an artist needs a 15 minute break, then the artist must notify the Dealers' Den staff beforehand. The artist may have a trusted person stay at the space during this time. If the space is not being properly utilized or considered abandoned by the Dealers' Den staff, the artist will forfeit the space - leftover items may be removed and the space may be sold to someone else for use.

Hours of Operation

The Artists' Alley operates in tandem with the Dealers' Den hours.


Any business that is conducted in the Artists' Alley is between the seller and buyer. Artists should provide reliable contact information as necessary to their customers. The Dealers' Den staff will not provide any personal information to attendees nor mediate any disputes. Artists are responsible for filing and collecting any applicable Virginia taxes from sales.


All other applicable Dealers' Den restrictions concerning behavior and merchandise must be observed. You may access this information on FAU's website. The Dealers' Den staff reserve the right to refuse service or revoke space access at any time for any reason.