Charity Auction

FA United raises money for our charity by auctioning items donated by our attendees. This year, we'll be offering items and products to benefit the Wolf Trap Animal Rescue. Over past conventions, we've raised roughly $30,000 for previous charities.

Interested in donating items to auction off for charity? Fantastic! Simply bring your donation with you to the con and drop it off at FAU Con Ops! We'll be more than happy to accept your item and raise money for charity.

Donated items must meet all the following criteria:

  • Condition - Items must be in good/working condition. If your item has "some assembly required" that involves a blowtorch and a gallon of super glue, we must politely ask for you to leave it at home. In addition, donated items should be pre-cleaned or refurbished, and free from debris, dust, or anything that would make an attendee scream in terror.
  • Family Friendly - Items must be suitable for attendees of all ages and safe (clean, in good condition, and in working order) for attendees.

Items which do not meet the criteria will not be accepted.