Dealers' Den Registration

Please be sure to read through the Dealers' Den Policies fully. Should you have any questions regarding the information on this page please contact us via email at

Dealers' Den Registration

Dealers' Den applications is closed.

Table Information

Dealer Tables cost $125, and come with the following:

  • One 6' table (Draped)
  • Two chairs
  • One Dealer OR Assistant Registration
  • Power Access
  • Lunch Options During the Con

If selected, you will receive an invitation to use a special registration form specifically for Dealers. Only then will you be asked to make a form of payment.

Hours of Operation

The Dealer Den will be open to ALL ATTENDEES during the following times:

  • Friday - 11:00am - 6pm
  • Saturday - 11:00am - 6pm
  • Sunday - 11:00am - 4pm

The Dealer Den will be open to SPONSORS AND HIGHER during the following times:

  • Friday - 10:45am - 6pm
  • Saturday - 10:45am - 6pm
  • Sunday - 10:45am - 4pm

The Dealer Den will be open to DEALERS AND ASSISTANTS during the following times:

  • Thursday - 6pm - 10pm
  • Friday - 10am - 6:30pm
  • Saturday - 10am - 6:30pm
  • Sunday - 10am - 5pm

Dealer Den Set Up and Take Down

Dealer Den Set Up will begin on Thursday from 6pm to 10pm. Dealers must provide their own labor. During this time, only Dealers, Assistants, and FA United Staff will be permitted inside the Dealer Den. Dealers and their Assistants are REQUIRED to have their badges at all times. ON THURSDAY and FRIDAY MORNING ONLY Dealers and their Assistants may pick up their badges at the Dealer Den from its staff. A valid form of photo identification will be required for verification purposes.

Each morning, there will be a one hour window for Dealers to come in and prepare for the day. Each evening, there will be a thirty minute window for Dealers to shut down their table and leave for the night. During these times, only Dealers, their Assistants, and FA United staff will be permitted into the Dealer Den.

Dealer Den Take Down will take place immediately following the Dealer Den closing to attendees on Sunday at 4pm. You have until 6pm to remove all your property. Anything left will be considered abandoned and may be thrown away.

Assistants and Purchasing Additional Badges

Assistants and their badge names may be declared when the Dealer registers online or at the convention; however the Dealer will need to be present for any Assistants not declared online. You may declare up to 2 Assistants per table; however each Assistant still needs their own registration. Additional badges will cost the standard convention rate and must be purchased from registration either online or at the convention. Badge sharing is explicitly forbidden. Anyone caught sharing badges, especially the sharing of one badge among multiple people simultaneously, can result in the badge being confiscated and even registration being revoked.

Cancellations, Refunds, and No Shows

You may cancel and receive a full refund up till 30 days before FA United. You may not transfer your table to another Dealer for any reason. If you cannot attend, you must notify us so that we can contact the next Dealer on the waitlist.

If a Dealer fails to check in for their table(s) by close of the Dealer Den on Friday, they will be considered a no show and their table(s) will be offered for sale on a first-come, first-served basis. Lost tables cannot be reclaimed and a refund will not be given. Any associated registrations will be converted to normal attendee badges and may still be claimed by their respective parties.


Electricity and Wi-Fi will be provided before Dealer Den opens on Friday and will not be available once Dealer Den has closed on Sunday. These amenities are for Dealers only and Wi-Fi codes are restricted to one per Dealer. Any misuse or damage of items may result in applicable fees and loss of the Dealer table and registration.

Virginia Vendor License Information

Virginia requires a Sales and Use tax form for all vendors. You can download the Virginia sales and use tax form in PDF format here.

Policies on Dealers' Wares

All material in open view around an Dealer table must be family friendly. Any ADULT content must be covered and viewed discreetly. This applies to anything sexual in nature. Furthermore, this content may not be viewed by or sold to MINORS.

Food and Beverage

Dealers are not allowed to sell food or beverages.

Weapons and Real Steel

While real steel weapons are not allowed on convention property, they may be sold. They must be displayed at the Dealer table in a safe and secure manner. Real steel weapons must be sold fully wrapped. Dealers are to encourage attendees who purchase such items to carry them directly back to their hotel rooms, vehicles, etc., immediately after purchase, and to not open them while on convention property.


Real firearms are strictly forbidden from con property.

Spot Checking

FA United reserves the right to visually spot check the premises of your table at any time in order to maintain the safety regulations of the convention.

Dealer Conduct

All Dealers are expected to follow the attendee codes of conduct. In addition to these policies, Dealers are expected to respond to inquiries via email in a timely manner. They are expected to know and follow all rules, policies, etc., contained in this document, as well as any additional items provided by Dealer Den staff via email or in person.

Overly loud music, videos, and strong or offensive odors will not be tolerated and your table and area should be organized and clean at all times for safety purposes.

Theft and Business Disputes

Dealers agree that the convention staff (Security) may act as their agents for the purposes of investigating suspected shoplifting incidents. FA United does not guarantee the return or compensation of any stolen items nor will FA United become involved in disputes between buyers and sellers in the Dealer Den.


Any structure brought to display artwork or merchandise must be of sound construction. If any structure falls down, appears unstable, or extends more than a reasonable amount off of the ground to be deemed unsafe by staff discretion, the Dealer to whom it belongs will be asked to remove it by Dealer Den staff. All displays must reside within the confines of your area. Displays within your table may not impede upon other Dealer areas nor disrupt traffic flow at any time. Lastly, Dealers may not display anything on hotel walls or room dividers.

Notice of Changes

FA United reserves the right to change the policies contained within this document at any time before or during the event, with or without notice. However, we will make every effort to notify all Dealers of any changes, when possible.

Acceptance and Acknowledgement of Policies

By applying and accepting to be an Dealer, it is understood that you have read, fully understand, and agree to abide by these rules, policies, codes of conduct, etc., in their entirety. All Dealers will be held responsible for failing to follow the above content. FA United reserves the right to remove your table(s) and have all associated registrations revoked with or without warning.