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Events - Friday

Trivia Madness

Hosted by Tyr Kangaroo
12PM Chesapeake

Are you a smorgasbord of useless facts? Well, they might come in handy now! There will be random prizes and a grand prize for the biggest brain of them all!

Building Your Own Fursuit

Hosted by Artslave
12PM Layton

Need a primer on building fursuits? Come get an in-depth look at materials and construction techniques. Design layout and patterning will be covered and there will be airbrushing and hand-stitching demos. Learn how to build your own suit!

How Writers Tell The Fur Affinity Story

Hosted by geoOtter
12PM Rockbridge

So you want to be a writer? What types of writers are there? What are some of the struggles of being a writer on a pre-dominantly art based online community? You have written your first (or one hundredth) story, what are some tips for increasing viewership and community support? Come to my panel to learn more about the growing and diverse crowd of artists that weave fantastic stories that spark your imagination and create a rich world full of growth and adventure. If you are a writer, don't be shy, come on in to meet others who want to share your enthusiasm and learn something along the way!

Majik Mystery Loot Brawl

Hosted by MajikCraft
1:30PM Rockbridge

Max 30 players. Every player wins. $20 entry fee.

White Elephant, Bad Santa, that terrible office exchange where you're the secret Santa of someone you don't know, and there's so much pressure to get the PERFECT gift! Never fear, the pressure is off! We've picked the gifts for you. You just need to choose wisely, and hope no one will steal your prize. Steal? STEAL! That's right, folks, every choice is a gamble! No one leaves empty handed. Maybe something awesome, maybe something silly! Toys, tails, art swag and more! If you are brave, if you're willing to take a risk, c'mon down and fight for your prize.

Bondage 101 (18+)

Hosted by Oengus Draco Fearghas
2:15PM Chesapeake

Come learn the basics of bondage and kink play. We will focus on how to play safely and responsibly. There will be some demonstration of good restraint application, ropework, safeword/safe signal, etc.

Fursuiting: Posing For Photos

Hosted by Lady Jam
2:30PM Layton

This will be a short interactive seminar on tips for how to pose for photographs in fursuit! We'll work on dynamic positions and ways to make your character pop for photos!

Building Fursonas

Hosted by Artslave
3:30PM Rockbridge

Get an artist's perspective on what makes an aesthetically pleasing character design as well as a fursuiter’s perspective on what makes an engaging fursuit character. We'll go over shapes, colour palettes, accessorizing, and using clothing and props to accentuate your character and performance.

Reader Wanted: Finding a Beta Reader

Hosted by Skunkbomb
3:45PM Layton

You've got a couple of drafts done on your story, but now you'd like some feedback. This panel discusses what a beta reader is, how to find one, and why having a beta reader is important.

Let's $ew! Fur-Sized Squeaky Toys

Hosted by MajikCraft
4PM Chesapeake

All skill levels welcome. Students under 13 must bring a parent or guardian. $10 per student.

As much or as little hand-sewing as you like. Students may choose from a number of simple patterns or design their own. Stuff it, stitch it, and squeak your way to owning your very own, to-scale-for-fur-suits fleece squeaky toy!

Fursuiting 101

Hosted by Lady Jam
5PM Layton

So you've finally acquired a fursuit or you're thinking of getting one? In this beginner's panel you will learn the basics of safety, characterization, and what it means to be a suiter. We will also delve further into the nitty-gritty of fursuiting and how to make your character come to life! Come with questions, vague or specific!

Pokémon Quip Lash

Hosted by Geel
5PM Rockbridge

Do you know the answers to every question about Pokémon of every type in every region? Come show off your specific genius and be the next professor in the Pokémon world by earning your very own degree from Pokémon University.

Opening Ceremonies

Hosted by FAU
6PM Ballroom

Welcome to FA United! Help open up the con in style.

Homework Room

7PM - 10PM Chesapeake

Hey Dealers, need a space to work on your art without being interrupted? Have we got a spot for you! Come to the Chesapeake to catch up on all your homework.

Note: Must show Dealer’s Badge to gain entry.

Scaly Meetup

Hosted by ScullyRaptor
7PM Layton

Meet-and-greet, hang out, and share your enthusiasm for the less fuzzy side of the fandom. Dinosaurs, dragons, and reptiles of all sorts are welcome!

Majik Mystery Loot Brawl (18+)

Hosted by MajikCraft
7PM Rockbridge

Max 30 players. Every player wins. $30 entry fee.

Yankee Gift Swap FOR ADULTS? Buy-in for this fast-paced game of theft & blind luck. Toys, tails, art & more! You just need to choose wisely & hope no one steals your prize. Yes, STEAL! Every choice is a gamble! Never fear, no one leaves empty handed. (Many items include adult themes, including violence, nudity, and other NSFW things.)

Vondiggitydog’s Furryz Got Talent Show!

Hosted by Geel and Kelix
8PM Ballroom

The talent show you’ve grown to love is back! Want to participate? Make sure your content is PG. We welcome to fursuiters and non fursuiters. Dance, sing, play an instrument, just show off your talent! Come come show us what you’ve got and get on stage!

This year’s hosts (Geel and Kelix) will be offering the same fun and exciting show from previous years and years to come! So if you have talent or wanna see talent then get those tails in the seats for this year's FURRYZ GOT TALENT SHOW!

Sign up online or in Con Ops!

Your Opinion Sucks and Here's Why

Hosted by Tiny
8:15PM Layton

Hey! That was a pretty controversial title! But you know what they say: As long as what I say is right, I can say anything. In this Panel, we will talk about something both abused as an excuse and at the same time severely lacking in the fandom: criticism. How do we give it? How do we take it? What is it even? Perhaps most importantly, what place does it have in the furry community?

Recovery And Sobriety In The Fandom

Hosted by Obreeon
9PM Rockbridge

Did you know that staying sober at cons is possible? That you don't have to choose between sobriety or the furry fandom? Do you want a place to discuss abstinence and coping with other like minded furs? This panel is a safe and confidential space to gain support and networking with others in recovery and sobriety as well as to share the experience, strength, and hope associated with maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the fandom.

The meeting is open to anyone, however strict anonymity will be enforced. The doors will be physically closed to protect those attending, but our hearts are open. We ask that phones not be used at any time in the meeting space. This panel is in no way associated with any formal recovery or 12 step based organizations, and no literature will be present.

Piano Dance Pop

Hosted by Matthew Ebel
10PM Ballroom

Piano-rocker Matthew Ebel brings an all-new, all original dance set to the main stage this year. More than just a DJ, Ebel performs on keys and vocals. With notes of pop, trance, and house, Ebel will have you shaking it ‘til your fursuit flies apart. Bring your friends to this high-energy show and be ready to party!

Yuuki's Hypnosis Panel (18+)

Hosted by Yuukari Shishome
10PM Chesapeake

Back again by popular demand with new content! This panel will discuss the finer points of hypnosis and the furry fandom, what it means to be hypnotized, and what the limits and goals of hypnotism are according to what you wish to experience. Goes over any and all questions regarding hypnotism, including kinks!

Stinkers Anonymous: Skunk Fans Chat

Hosted by Skunkbomb
10:15PM Rockbridge

Skunks may stink, but that's part of their charm. Come join us for a casual chat about why you love skunks. You don't have to be a skunk to join in!

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