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Events - Saturday

Dance Competition

Hosted by FAU & Cooper Tom
10AM Ballroom

Do you have what it takes to strut, dance, groove, and stride your way to victory? Whether you’re rocking out in your fursuit or your street clothes, come dance your way to become a finalist for entry into our Schwifty Style (Floor Wars-esque) competition!

Worldbuilding As Games

Hosted by Bengaley Summercat
10AM Chesapeake

An introduction to Worldbuilding and Builder games where players semi-collaboratively or competitively construct the setting in which the game takes place. This will cover some basic Builder concepts, Lexicon style games, as well as an overview of "Dawn of Worlds" and "Microscope".

Johann Sebastian Joust

Hosted by
10AM Rockbridge

Protect your controller from being jostled and remain the last one standing! The music will define how fast you can move, while you keep a steady hand! Fursuit friendly!

The Medieval Room

Hosted by Grave
11AM Layton

Attention all ye Furs! Come play and explore in the Medieval room. We have backdrops and props for pictures! Come learn about Medieval weapons, legends and killers, and play our Storm the castle games to win awesome prizes.

The Business Of Art: Branding & Finances

Hosted by Matthew Ebel
11:30AM Chesapeake

Matthew Ebel talks branding, finances, and pricing with artists looking to earn a living. Whether it’s drawing, music, voice acting, or weasel-dying, turning your art into a business doesn’t have to suck!

The Great Feast

Hosted by FAU
12PM Private Dining Room

Elites and Super Sponsors get to dine with our special guests! The luncheon starts at noon at the private dining room beside the bar.

Note: This is a VIP-only event for Super Sponsors, Elites and Special Guests.

Fursuit Maker Mingle

Hosted by Bayou Baby
12:30PM Chesapeake

Do you make fursuits? 1, 100, or just starting? Good! Come join us at the fursuit maker mingle to meet other makers, share ideas, make friends, and show off what you've made.

Effective Storytelling & GMing

Hosted by Rex Fenris
12:30PM Rockbridge

Join a panel of experienced game masters and game designers to learn some techniques for taking your pen and paper roleplaying adventures to the next level. Whether you're new to pen and paper roleplaying games or you've been playing and GMing for years, come join us for some great discussion on the best ways to immerse yourself in these amazing adventures.

Learn more about Fenris Publishing at www.fenrispublishing.com.

Fursuit Parade

Hosted by FAU & Cooper Tom
2PM Ballroom

Grab your fursuits, partials, epic cosplay, and battle gear! Meet at the ballroom at 1:30 to start prep and begin gathering. Parade walk begins at 2.

Fursonacon Meet and Greet

Hosted by Tyr Kangaroo
3PM Chesapeake

Fursonacon is a multi-genre furry convention taking place in Virginia Beach, Virginia this October 12-15, 2017. We'll be sharing what our event plans are, who to expect, and help promote our upcoming convention.

Triten Gaming System: Character Creation

Hosted by Rex Fenris
3:15PM Layton

Come join us for a preview of a brand new medieval fantasy pen and paper roleplaying game: the Triten Gaming System. This will be the first of a two-part event and will take care of introducing players to the system and creating basic characters. The event is open for up to 6 players to participate, but everyone is welcome to observe the shenanigans that will inevitably ensue.

Players must be able to also attend the Triten Gaming System: Gaming Session tomorrow. Be sure to show up 15 minutes early if you want a chance to be a player. Since player space is so limited we will also have a separate preview table set up where Fenris Publishing staff can introduce other interested players to the game.

Learn more about Fenris Publishing at www.fenrispublishing.com.

Furry Feud

Hosted by Geel
3:30PM Rockbridge

Come on down, furries! Do you think you know the number one answers? Survey says…let’s find out! Bring your families or friends along to watch or play this fun filled game show experience.

Foxes and Peppers Show

Hosted by Fox Amoore and Pepper Coyote
4PM Ballroom

Fox Amoore and Pepper Coyote team up again to bring you one of the best dang furry concerts you’ve ever been to. The performance will also include special guest Matthew Ebel.

Writing Characters

Hosted by Skunkbomb
4:15PM Chesapeake

Even when you finish a book, your favorite characters will stick with you well afterward. This panel discusses how to create and write compelling characters.

Con Horror Stories (18+)

Hosted by MajikCraft
5:30PM Chesapeake

Do you have a story that the world needs to know? Gather 'round, boys and girls, and share your tales of “What the HEY?” from nameless festivals past and persons who will not be identified. Mysteries upon mysteries! Giggles and guffaws! Free bewilderment with every admission!

Fursuit Handling 101

Hosted by Lady Jam
5:30PM Layton

Ever wondered how best to interact with fursuiters at a convention or gathering? Thinking about volunteering as a handler for an event? Want to know more about visibility in costume? These questions and more will be answered as we cover the basics of fursuit handling and interaction etiquette with folks in fursuit. We will cover safety, hand signals, do's and don'ts, public events, and much more! Fursuiters, non-suiters, and the curious are all welcome!

A Mid-Summer's Snack

Hosted By FAU
6PM Private Dining Room

Come join us for snacks, drinks, and a sneak peek at our charity items!

Note: This is a VIP-only event for Sponsors, Super Sponsors, Elites, and Special Guests.

As Seen On TV Commercial Viewing

Hosted by LineZ and Rexxie
6PM Rockbridge

Are you tired of mundane panels? Has con boredom ever happened to you? Introducing the As Seen On TV Commercial Panel! Join LineZ & Rexxie as we laugh along to stupid As Seen On TV Commercials. But WAIT there's more! Call now and you get double the product, absolutely free! Just pay processing and handling.

Charity Auction

Hosted by FAU, Cooper Tom, and Pepper Coyote
7PM Ballroom

Join us for fun, silly shenanigans while simultaneously raising money for Wolf Trap Animal Rescue

Homework Room

7PM - 10PM Chesapeake

Hey Dealers, need a space to work on your art without being interrupted? Have we got a spot for you! Come to the Chesapeake to catch up on all your homework.

Note: Must show Dealer’s Badge to gain entry.

Kinks 101 (18+)

Hosted by Tyr Kangaroo
9PM Layton

Do you like the unusual? I'd like to provide an atmosphere where you can openly talk about your fantasies. I'll also cover safety and consent for all kinks so you and your partner can have a great time. There's more to life than vanilla, join me if you're curious. Questions are welcome.

Recovery And Sobriety In The Fandom

Hosted by Obreeon
9PM Rockbridge

Did you know that staying sober at cons is possible? That you don't have to choose between sobriety or the furry fandom? Do you want a place to discuss abstinence and coping with other like minded furs? This panel is a safe and confidential space to gain support and networking with others in recovery and sobriety as well as to share the experience, strength, and hope associated with maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the fandom.

The meeting is open to anyone, however strict anonymity will be enforced. The doors will be physically closed to protect those attending, but our hearts are open. We ask that phones not be used at any time in the meeting space. This panel is in no way associated with any formal recovery or 12 step based organizations, and no literature will be present.

FAU Dance

Hosted by FAU
10PM Ballroom

Rock the night away with our DJs!

Certified Bad Advice

Hosted by Bengaley Summercat
10PM Chesapeake

Why go through the trouble of judging if advice is good when you can have Certified Bad Advice? Come join Summercat has he follows his own Certified Bad Advice and dispenses nuggets of questionable wisdom and dubious value to questions you have about Life, the Universe, and Almost Everything in this Certifiably Bad Comedy Improv.

Foxes and Peppers After Dark Show (18+)

Hosted by Fox Amoore and Pepper Coyote
10:30PM Rockbridge

Come and witness Fox and Pepper commit musical adulteries. This is the After Dark show. There’ll be swearing, dirty lyrics, and terrible cover songs.

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