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Events - Sunday

Wolf Trap Charity Puppy Place

Hosted by Wolf Trap
10AM Ballroom

The last day of con can be a bit gloomy, but we think we may have the remedy: PUPPIES! Yes, you read that right. You’ll read it again. PUPPIES! Come get some puppy therapy and meet our charity.

What We Had Before: Furry Comics and Zines of the 20th Century

Hosted by Bengaley Summercat
10AM Chesapeake

In the 21st Century we have an amazing amount of artwork, comics, and stories - but ever wonder what Furries had for art and entertainment in the fandom's early days? Come to this show-and-tell exhibiting comics and zines from the 80s and 90s, browse the collection after the talk at your own pace, and see where where modern Furry has come from.

Work In Progress: Taking Commissions

Hosted by Patto
10AM Layton

Welcome to an informational panel for new and experienced artists alike. Learn about the different types of commissions, approaching professional artist-to-client communication, tips and tricks on setting prices, and how to avoid getting too hung up on your own art.

Tabletop Game Design

Hosted by Rex Fenris
10AM Rockbridge

Interested in designing your own game? Come join the creative team from Fenris Publishing for a presentation on designing tabletop games from beginning to end. There will be an open Q&A and discussion at the end of the presentation.

Learn more about Fenris Publishing at www.fenrispublishing.com.

Success on Kickstarter

Hosted by Rex Fenris
11AM Rockbridge

Want to know more about running a successful Kickstarter campaign? Come join a team that's just come out of an over double-funded campaign to learn how they made it happen.

Learn more about Fenris Publishing at www.fenrispublishing.com.

Fursuit Maintenance and Care

Hosted by Lady Jam
11:15AM Layton

This panel will provide basic tips and tricks for fursuit maintenance at home and away! Learn simple approaches to keep your fursuit clean and nice.

Escape The Room!

Hosted by geoOtter
11:45AM Chesapeake

Escape the Room of Dolls! Welcome to my hour long role-playing game where you and up to four of your friends can dare to try to escape the clutches of a serial killer! No role-playing experience needed, just your wits and wisdom.

  • You and your friends are trapped in a room
  • You must find hidden puzzles and clues to solve them
  • Use strategy, wit, logic, and teamwork to solve the mystery
  • Escape the room in under one hour to succeed!

You and your friends wake up in a children’s bedroom. You see a note on the floor telling you that you have been kidnapped and poisoned. Will you figure out the cure, and escape before they return to finish what they started?

Fur Affinity: Duct Tape and Dreams

Hosted by Dragoneer
12:15PM Rockbridge

A history of Fur Affinity, and the site's goals and passions. Take a realistic look at where we are, where we've come from, and where we're going.

Fursuit Games

Hosted by FAU & Cooper Tom
12:30PM Ballroom

Do you have what it takes to win a plastic trophy? Come one, come all to FA United’s Fursuit Games! Challenge yourself (and other suiters) to a wide variety of games, activities, and challenges!

The Business Of Art: Web & Social

Hosted by Matthew Ebel
12:30PM Layton

Matthew Ebel continues with more advice for artists looking to go full-time. This session covers websites, social media, blogs, and automation for any type of art.

Expression Through Form

Hosted by Tiny
1:30PM Rockbridge

In my college course, after we had learned the tools of the trade and concepts like "draw every day", our first practice was "gesture". Gesture is used by many an artist to quickly capture the human figure, from the emotions, to the pose. If you'd like to start drawing furry artwork, gesture is essential, and we'll be talking about that!

The Business Of Art: Patreon & Mailing Lists

Hosted by Matthew Ebel
1:45PM Chesapeake

Matthew Ebel concludes this three-part series with everybody’s favorite behemoth: Patreon. Learn how to manage subscribers and rewards without burning yourself out!

Triten Gaming System: Gaming Session

Hosted by Rex Fenris
2PM Layton

The system has been introduced and characters have been made. The time for adventure begins! Our players were selected at yesterday’s Character Creation panel, but all attendees are welcome to watch the adventure and visit our separate preview table to learn more about the Triten Gaming System during the antics.

Learn more about Fenris Publishing at www.fenrispublishing.com.

Jamming Season

Hosted by Etsu
2:45PM Chesapeake

Come one come all to make a cacophony of noise and sound. Wait. I meant music. Bring your own instrument if you got one, otherwise just stomp and clap along!

"There is a season - turn, turn, turn/And a time to every purpose under heaven/A time to be born, a time to die/A time to plant, a time to reap/A time to kill, a time to heal"

A time to be quiet/And a time to make some noise!

Schwifty Style

Hosted by FAU & Cooper Tom
3PM Ballroom

Come one come all to see our Dance Competition finalists compete in this Floor Wars style dance off! The best of the *buuurrp!* best will... will... compete head to head to see who is the SCHIWFTIEST! YEEEEAH!

Biceps and Bellies: Drawing Big

Hosted by Myr
3:45PM Rockbridge

Do you crave drawing art of ripped muscle monsters, gluttonous blubber balls, or something in between? Come to this panel where we talk about tips and tricks for drawing BIG! Half information presentation, and half live-action drawing.

Gear Discussion: Rubber, Leather, Spandex, Darlexx, etc. (18+)

Hosted by Oengus Draco Fearghas
5PM Chesapeake

We will be discussing various types of gear, some of which is adult oriented. We will go over various types of gear/materials, care/upkeep, gear sources, safety precautions, etc. I will have some examples in different materials and quality levels.

Recovery And Sobriety In The Fandom

Hosted by Obreeon
5PM Rockbridge

Did you know that staying sober at cons is possible? That you don't have to choose between sobriety or the furry fandom? Do you want a place to discuss abstinence and coping with other like minded furs? This panel is a safe and confidential space to gain support and networking with others in recovery and sobriety as well as to share the experience, strength, and hope associated with maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the fandom.

The meeting is open to anyone, however strict anonymity will be enforced. The doors will be physically closed to protect those attending, but our hearts are open. We ask that phones not be used at any time in the meeting space. This panel is in no way associated with any formal recovery or 12 step based organizations, and no literature will be present.

Closing Ceremonies

Hosted by FAU
6PM Ballroom

Join the FAU staff in giving the con a farewell sendoff.

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