FA United 2017

August 25-27 | Herndon, VA
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Guests of Honor

Eyrich Artslave

Musical Guests

Fox Amoore Pepper Coyote

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Events at FA United

A summary of official scheduled events. As we get closer to the convention date this page will grow as new events are added.

The Gathering of Royalty

VIP-only event for Super Sponsors and Elite. Enjoy a fine selection of gourmet foods, roasted meats, and various tantalizing finger foods fit for a lord or lady.

Live Music Concerts

Live music concerts featuring the Pepper Coyote and Fox Amoore.

The Dealer Den

The Dealer Den offers a wide variety of vendors and furry and anthro-themed artists and crafters. Peruse, purchase, or commission custom wares, hand crafted art, and unique one-of-a-kind hand-made collectables.

Artist Alley

Different than the Dealer Den, Artist Alley is meant for artists who create on-the-go. This is for artists doing commissions and work at the con (not for those selling pre-made or commercial wares).

The Game Room

Chock full of the latest and greatest consoles and games, the FAU game room is one of the best around. Since its inception we've strived to uphold high standards (and even higher entertainment values!) to be one of the best convention gaming experiences around.

We offer games, tournaments, contests, and prizes. Definitely not something you want to miss!

Charity Auction

Stop by our annual charity auction and bid to win unique and rare items, limited run furry memorabilia, and more! Proceeds go to support our charity so be sure to bid or donate your items!

Fursuit Games

Hosted by none other than Fender himself! Got a suit? Join in on fun-filled games, zany contests, and much, much more!

Nightly DJs & Dances

Groove into the AM with our amazing DJ sets and dances.

Fursuit Parade

Strut your stuff and join in the fursuit parade! Each year some of the best fursuiters and cosplayers join in to show off in front of the entire convention!

Guest of Honor Luncheon

the Guests of Honor and FAU staff in a catered luncheon provided by the hotel! For super sponsors, elites, and by special invite only.