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Guest of Honor - Eyrich

Christopher "Tinydragon" Teal made his debut in the community in 2010. His creative passion carries through his illustrations, from traditional monochromatic works and inks to richly detailed paintings and elaborate fantasy renderings.


Mordecai, one of the many fursuits made by Artslave.

Guest of Honor - Artslave

Born in the distant nebula of Western Pennsylvania and banished to the hellscape of central Maryland, Artslave was relegated to the fursuit mines where she works and lives to this day. Occasionally permitted to emerge for gulps of sunlight, she has escaped to FAU and may or may not be in hiding. Please do not inform any overlord mine owners you may encounter. She will consider it a personal favor.

She has been making costumes for 15+ years, and incorporated into a business about a decade ago. Artslave has been in furry for [REDACTED] and enjoys giving back to the community, trying my best to make costumes widely available so everyone can enjoy the work she does. When she's not sewing, she's being a general nerd whose into Pathfinder, kaiju, horror movies, beer, star trek, and cats.


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