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Panel Registration

Do you have an idea for an event at the convention? Want to discuss your favorite topic? Then we are looking for you. Apply to run a panel or event by clicking the link below. All ideas are welcome!

Be CERTAIN you will be able to attend your panel/workshop/event BEFORE submitting a request to the convention organizers. Failure to attend your presentation without notifying the convention organizers in advance will result in not being allowed to run events at future cons.

Panelists are responsible for providing any/all equipment and materials for their presentation.

We do our best to accommodate every submission, however we cannot guarantee we will be able to schedule your proposed panel or give you the day/time requested.

Programming generally starts at 10am and ends at midnight Friday and Saturday, and 4pm Sunday. If your availability is limited please include a preferred day and time. Please note that it's not always possible to grant every request, but we'll schedule your panel as close to your requested day/time as we can.

By submitting the following form you agree:

  • You are registered as an attendee to FAU
  • You will Check-In with Con Ops when you arrive at the convention.
  • You will attend your event.
  • You will arrive at your event on time and stay for the predetermined duration.
  • You will run your event in a knowledgeable manner.
  • You will make sure your event room is cleaned up after your event.

Please notify the convention organizers if you are unable to attend your panel.

If there are any questions or confusion regarding the above please contact