Volunteering at FA United

FAU depends upon the generosity of our volunteers to help make the convention a standout success. It's a great place to meet new people, make friends, and help shape fantastic memories both for our volunteers and for our attendees.

Interested in helping the convention? We'd love to have you on board!

What does a volunteer do? Volunteers do variety of tasks such as helping out con staff, assisting security (monitoring the Dealer Den, Artist's Alley and hallways), helping set up and tear down before and after the con, or just lending a hand in general. We're here to make sure people are having fun, and every paw, hoof, and/or tentacle is needed.

Interested in lending hand? Let us know by sending an email to operations@faunited.org.


While each and every volunteer automatically earns our undying respect, we're also the kind of people who believe no good deed should go unrewarded.

  • 8+ Hours - Get a free FA or FAU con shirt for few hours work.
  • 16+ Hours - Get the shirt and a free basic registration for FAU 2019!
  • 24+ Hours - Get the shirt and we'll upgrade your 2020 registration to Sponsor level!
  • Earn Double Time - You can earn double hours by helping us set up or tear down the convention before and after the con starts.